The “Ships Store” is an effort to support the USS Vreeland web-site and provide “Hot Links”
                                      to USS Vreeland goodies around the  Internet.

I’m currently working with a number of print shops and other resources so I can make shirts, jackets,
                            coffee cups, prints and ship plan downloads available for you.

If you own or are affiliated with a web based business and are a former Vreeland or Makedonia sailor,
                            I will be happy to place a banner and hot link on this page.
1024 X 768 Wallpaper
All "Desktop Wallpaper" pictures are free for you to download.  If you have a high resolution picture of the USS Vreeland and would like to share it with the other Vreeland sailors, please send an e-mail to
1024 X 768 Wallpaper
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Vreeland Crest
Ships Store
                                          Welcome to the Ship’s Store

          Sorry no lighters or coffee cups but downloadable stationary headers are a possibility.

       I’m currently offering a ship’s memorabilia rendering made from the Vreeland CAD model. 
           The rendering can be a profile like those below or an angle shot like the picture on the
Vreeland 3-D Model page
   I have a standard format listed below but they can be custom made to order with any information or
                                                nautical design you would like. 

                 Standard format includes The Ship's Name & Hull Number, Your Name, Rank, Rate,
                                                  and Years Served Onboard in text.
              Rank Insignia, Rate Insignia,  ESWS Badge or SWO Badge, Medals or Ribbons
                                                        and the Vreeland Crest

                   The hull number is not limited to 1068; You can order this rendering as any
                                           Knox class frigate, in any configuration.

Frank Splendorio STG1 (SW) USS Vreeland 1982-1987
Owner of Greystokes Gifts

~Starboard Full Hull Image~

~Port Full Hull Image: Custom~

                   "I received the Vreeland 18" x 12" print back from the shop today and it looks absolutely out of this world! 
                                          I'm so pleased with it, I've decided to transform it onto a poster board."
                                                                           James Krentz    31 Jan 2005

                                                                                Available Formats

                  1024 X 768 High Resolution Bitmap             Download     $35.00                CD $40.00 + $3.85 Shipping
                  1296 X 864 High Resolution TIF                  Download     $35.00                CD $40.00 + $3.85 Shipping

                                        Prices include Your Name, Rank, Rate, Ships Name, and years onboard in text
           Your Ribbons or Medals, ESWS or SWO Badge, Your Rank Insignia, Your Rate Insignia and Rate/Rank Shoulder Crow
                                      The USS Vreeland's Ship's Crest: DE-1068 Embroidered patch rendering or
                                            FF-1068 3-D Crest model rendering with white or purple sky area
                             The Ship image in Starboard Bow (angle rendering), Full Hull Starboard or Waterline Starboard
                                                             Standard Colors available are Blue or White. 
             The Waterline rendering is also available with a White sky area with a Navy Blue area from the waterline down
                                             or a blue sky area with a Navy Blue area from the waterline down.

                                                         Specialty angles are available at an additional cost

                From this point I will further customize your rendering with the insignia and nautical objects that you desire. 
                         I will work with you until you have the picture in your minds eye but at an additional cost. 
                                                       Custom work is time consuming so please understand.

                     The intent of the 1024 X 768 Bitmap is desktop wallpaper, but it will produce a 14.063" X 10.547" wall print
                                               The intent of the 1296 X 864 TIF is to produce a 18” X 12” wall print. 

                                        I will make both for $45.00: Download or $50.00 on CD + $3.85 Shipping

Order Form

                                      It's not complicated or expensive (usually under $5.00) to have a print made but,
                                if you would like some help having a print made Just make mention on the order form. 
Day of Commissioning Cover $20.00
US Navy 200th Birthday 1975 Cover $15.00
Apr 3, 79 Cover $10.00
Aug 5, 1983 Cover $10.00